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Join our crowdfunding campaign!

Getting behind the campaign is super easy:

  1. Head back to the Invest Now page
  2. Select the item you’d like to adopt
  3. Plug in your details, & let us know if this is a gift on behalf of someone else
  4. Complete your donation

Everyone who backs the campaign will be invited to our Paddock Picnic, a celebration of what we can achieve together for Kelmarna’s future, and a chance for us to show you more about how the project will take shape. There’ll be food, family-friendly fun on the farm, and you’ll be able to name your adopted items!

We hope to be able to host this in the first few months of 2022, but it will depend on what the traffic lights say...

After the campaign finishes, we’ll be in touch with more details about your other perks, including the raffle draw!

If you’re looking for a more meaningful alternative to giving more “stuff” for Christmas, we think an investment in a regenerative farming future is a pretty cool gift!

You can adopt any of our items as a gift on behalf of somebody else.

We’ll post one of our snazzy campaign cards to you, explaining what you’ve adopted, so you can add your own message before giving it to your friend or family member.

If you’re planning on making a gift contribution, we recommend not leaving it until the end of the campaign to be sure you’ll get your card in time - we’ll send any final cards out on Monday 20th December, which NZ Post says will still be with you before Christmas, but we can’t make any guarantees on their behalf!