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Join our crowdfunding campaign!

You have joined with us to make this possible!

Thank you so much to everyone who got behind our campaign, we are absolutely blown away by this incredible show of support from our community. It means so much to us.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all, and start bringing this project to life in the new year!

If you have arrived here after the campaign closed, but would like to contribute to the project, you can do so through the donation page on our website.

Thank you so much!
The Kelmarna team

Adopt a Tree $50

Trees are basically magic. Food, shade, shelter, fuel, wildlife habitat, pollinator food, carbon sequestration - what more could you want? Put your own roots in the ground at Kelmarna!

Adopt Three Trees $150

Three times the magic! Trees love to hang out with their friends. Planting trees won't save the world on its own, but it's a fantastic way to start!

Adopt a Tree Line $2,500

The only thing better than one tree is lots of trees together! Your contribution will also go towards the site prep, compost, and fencing required to give your trees a great start in life.

Adopt a Shelter Belt $500

Too much wind makes veges sad! Help us create a living windbreak (full of bee food and support species), so our plants can relax and concentrate all their energy on growing beautiful veg.

Adopt a Bed $150

The foundations of the market garden! Create a soft and comfortable bed to be packed full of diverse crops that thrive as a team, feeding the complex web of life in the soil and growing strong, healthy plants.

Adopt a Double Bed $300

Twice the fun! Two beds, side-by-side, united in delicious green abundance. The perfect gift for the romantic interest in your life?

Adopt a Family Block (4 beds) $500

A super-king-size bed full of vegetable goodness. Give our Market Garden development a serious boost, and the whole family a chance to name a bed.

Adopt the Irrigation System $4,000

Make it rain! Help water get from our tanks to our plants, when and where it's needed. Well-watered plants means juicy, crunchy vegetables, all year round!

Sharpen up our Tools $300

Market gardening requires a very particular set of tools, especially when you want many hands to work and learn alongside you. Help us to stock our new toolshed with quality gear that will last.

Adopt a Farmer for a Day $200

Our new Junior Market Gardener will need some time to learn the ropes, and to put down their own roots. Help us train up the next generation of farmers, by providing a full day of training and learning for them.

Adopt a Farmer for a Week $800

Our new Junior Market Gardener will need some time to learn the ropes, and to put down their own roots. Provide a whole week of on-the-job training and learning for them!

Adopt the Growing Tunnel $7,000

The place to be for veg (and people) that like it hot and steamy. 150m2 of sheltered growing space for those heat-loving crops. We can almost smell the tomatoes and basil already!

Adopt the Shed $3,000

We need somewhere safe to store our new market garden tools! If you're the kind of person that appreciates the vital importance of a good shed, this could be the one for you.

Upgrade the Wash House $250

Our washing and packing station needs an upgrade to deal with all this extra food! Help us create a space with beautiful workflow so our veg can scrub up well in smooth style.

Adopt a Hen $75

Adopt and name your very own chook for us to look after. These amazing birds help to rejuvenate pasture, support the health of the sheep, all while laying highly nutritious eggs!

Adopt Three Hens $220

Three is the magic number. A trio of pecking, scratching, bug-eating, egg-laying featheriness, happily roaming around our paddocks.

Adopt an Eggmobile $1,300

Those chooks need somewhere safe and dry to sleep at night! Help us build a portable chooky caravan with space for up to 36 hens to roost.

Spread your Seed $450

Diversity of pasture species is essential for feeding a varied and healthy diet to our livestock, and our soil microbes below ground. Help us give our animals a full buffet to choose from!

Adopt the Electric Fencing $750

Solar-powered electric netting will be a key part of our system, enabling us to move animals frequently to spread their beneficial impacts, protect our young trees, and helping to keep our sheep and chooks safe.

Upgrade our Stock Yards $3000

Our stock yards allow us to check over our sheep and give them any health care when they need it, but they're mainly set up for cattle and could use a bit of love. Help us invest in some improvements to give our sheep a quality, stress-free set up for years to come.

Adopt the Sheep Shelter $600

While our silvopasture trees are getting established, we'll need a mobile shade solution for some areas of the farm that don't currently have much tree cover. Help our sheep to play it cool on hot days.

Adopt the Water Tank $5000

Water is the basis of all life! Help us to harvest more of Auckland's plentiful rain, and store it for those dry summers when our trees will really appreciate it.

Be an Unsung Hero $?

Maybe you just want to give, and you don't need any perks? You're probably the kind of person who stays to clean up at the end of a party. Chip in however much you're able to spare, and we'll put it where we need it most.

*Surprise veg boxes and eggs will be provided in the next 6 months. We can only provide these perks by collection from Kelmarna, sorry! You are welcome to nominate an Auckland-based friend to receive your perk.

**Just kidding, sorry! The farmer will probably come with a name, and probably won't want to change it to Farmy McFarmface...

***Our first 32 chooks that will arrive this summer have been adopted (and named) already. The remaining hens will follow next summer, though you're very welcome to name them sooner, and we also don't mind if you call one of this year's chooks by your unofficial nickname for now...

The paddocks around Kelmarna’s gardens have always been part of our site, and mostly used for grazing livestock, but we haven’t always had the time to give them a lot of love to reach their full potential.

Over the past 6 years, we have built up the capacity of the organisation so that we are now ready to take a big step up, and bring the paddocks into much more active and productive use in daily Kelmarna life.

In 2020 we worked through a large number of options for how we could put this land to good use and best achieve our strategic goals:

  • Food: Foster and champion a resilient and regenerative urban food system
  • Environment: Regenerate our land and enhance local ecosystems
  • Community: Support the health and wellbeing of our local communities
  • Organisation: Ensure financial and organisational sustainability so that we can achieve our other strategic objectives

We settled on the design you can see here, combining veges, trees, and animals, in an integrated system.

Late last year we held a consultation event with our close community and key supporters, and put this vision out to our wider community as well. The process provided opportunities to engage in great conversations with our community, valuable constructive suggestions, and many generous offers of support in realising these plans. You can read more about our consultation process here.

In 2021 we have started to implement the plan, with the arrival of our first sheep and ongoing work to prepare the new Market Garden site for veggie planting.

We have also been able to raise $22,500 in grants towards the start-up costs, thanks to generous contributions from Foundation North, Waitematā Local Board, and Mazda Foundation.

We are itching to move forward much more quickly with this project in 2022, but we need your help to make this happen!

Ideal goal: $100,000 gives us the security to invest in the important infrastructure that we need now. Reaching our ideal goal will mean we can bring in some external help where it will make a big difference, and move forward much more quickly with the whole project.

Minimum goal: $70,000 is enough to cover the essential start up costs, and get the project off the ground. Our minimum goal means it will take us a bit longer to get all the elements up and running, and we’ll likely need more help from volunteers.